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2013년 화제의 사진: 2013 Year in Pictures

Fire Down Under

Tammy Holmes, second from left, and her grandchildren take refuge under a jetty as a wildfire rages nearby in the Tasmanian town of Dunalley, east of the state capital of Hobart, Australia, on Jan. 4. The family credits God for saving them from the fire that destroyed around 90 homes in Dunalley.
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Call of duty

A French soldier wearing a skeleton mask stands next to a tank in a street in Niono, Mali, on Jan. 20. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the goal of France's military action in Mali was to retake control of the entire country from Islamist militants who have seized the north. "The goal is the total reconquest of Mali. We will not leave any pockets" of resistance, Le Drian said on French television.

Fire and ice

A truck is covered in ice as firefighters extinguish a massive blaze at a vacant warehouse on Jan. 23, in Chicago. More than 200 firefighters battled a five-alarm fire as temperatures were in the single digits.

Doin' the wave

Surfing legend Garrett McNamara appears to have surfed the biggest wave in history on Jan. 28, in Nazare, Portugal. If the height of the massive wall of water -- thought to be 100-feet high -- is confirmed, McNamara will have broken his own record, which he set riding a 78-foot-high wave in late 2011.


Free Syrian Army fighters run for cover as a tank shell explodes on a wall during heavy fighting in the Ain Tarma neighborhood of Damascus on Jan. 30

Dancing in the dark

San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders perform during a power outage at the Superdome in the second half of Super Bowl XLVII between the 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, Feb. 3, in New Orleans.

Dig it

A woman digs out her car after it was blocked in by snow during a blizzard, Feb. 9, in Portland, Maine. The storm dumped more than 30 inches of snow on Portland, breaking the city's record.

Daytona crash

Kyle Larson (32) goes into the catch fence as he collides with Justin Allgaier (31), Brian Scott (2), Parker Klingerman (77) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. (88) at the conclusion of the NASCAR Nationwide Series auto race, Feb. 23, at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla

Wild land, wildfire

Fire spreads across the Taim Ecological Station in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil, on March 27. The fire, which had started the day before, had reached approximately 1,400 acres and the risk of spreading was severe since there is no way to reach the place by water or land.

Getting something off her chest

Russian President Vladimir Putin gets an eye-opening experience as he is confronted by a topless demonstrator with a message written on her back during a tour of the Hanover Fair in Hanover, Germany, on April 8. He was accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (in green).

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Six of a kind

Amish boys watch a baseball game outside the schoolhouse in Bergholz, Ohio, on April 9. Families gathered after the last day of school for a celebration and farewell picnic.

Into chaos

Police officers with guns drawn hear a second explosion and rush down the street past a runner who had been knocked down by the first blast at the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon on April 15. The explosions killed three people and wounded more than 170.

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Devastating blow

Medical responders and spectator Carlos Arredondo (center with cowboy hat) rush injured Jeff Bauman past the finish line of the Boston Marathon after an explosion April 15. Two explosions shattered the euphoria of the marathon finish line, sending authorities out on the course to carry off the injured while the stragglers were rerouted away from the smoking sites of the blasts. Bauman lost both legs at the knee.

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A time of terror

A police officer evacuates a shoeless man holding a child as members of law enforcement conduct a search April 19 in Watertown, Mass., for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. The two suspects in the Boston 2013 attacks, which killed three and injured scores, also killed an MIT police officer and hurled explosives at police in a car chase and gun battle. One of the suspects was killed and the other escaped, to be captured later near the scene when he was found in a boat.


A sniper trains his bead on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, as he raises his hand from a boat at the time of his capture by law enforcement authorities in Watertown, Mass., on April 19. After a tip from a local resident, police found Tsarnaev, 19, hiding in a suburban backyard, wounded and weary after a gun battle with police overnight in which his brother was killed

'Iron Lady' at rest

Pallbearers set down the coffin of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during her ceremonial funeral at St. Paul's Cathedral in London on April 17. Thatcher, known as the Iron Lady, was laid to rest with a level of pomp and protest reflecting her status as a commanding, polarizing political figure

Final embrace

A man holds on to a woman in the debris of Rana Plaza garment factory in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 25. The eight-story building collapse claimed more than a thousand lives and hundreds of victims remain unidentified.

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Deadly inferno

A man sits on a window opening of a burning building in Lahore, Pakistan, on May 9 after fire erupted on the seventh floor of the 13-story LDA Plaza and quickly spread. At least three people fell from the building, including the man pictured. A total of eight died, according to local media reports.

Volcano's mighty power

The erupting Ecuadorian volcano Tungurahua, seen from the village of Cotalo on May 8, keeps generating explosions and expelling incandescent boulders, which roll down its flanks.

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Great promise

Graduate Leland Shelton, center, is congratulated as he is acknowledged by President Barack Obama during the 129th commencement ceremony address at Morehouse College, on May 19, in Atlanta. After a difficult childhood Shelton graduated Phi Beta Kappa and is on his way to Harvard Law School

Woman in red

A Turkish riot policeman uses tear gas as people protest against the destruction of trees in a park brought about by a pedestrian project, in Taksim Square in central Istanbul on May 28. The woman in the red dress, identified by some news organizations as academic Ceyda Sungur, became the icon for continued anti-government demonstrations in dozens of cities throughout Turkey

Hold on

A mother carries her child through a field near the collapsed Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla., on May 20, 2013. A mile-wide tornado with winds up to 200 mph roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, flattening entire neighborhoods, setting buildings on fire and landing a direct blow on the elementary school.

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A garden with a swimming pool is inundated by the waters of the Elbe River during floods near Magdeburg in the federal state of Saxony Anhalt on June 10. Tens of thousands of Germans, Hungarians and Czechs were evacuated from their homes on Wednesday as soldiers raced to pile up sandbags to hold back rising waters in the region's worst floods in a decade.

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Turkish clashes escalate

A protester is hit by water spray from a water cannon during clashes in Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey on June 11. Police used water cannons and tear gas as they moved into Taksim Square, where two weeks of protests have been held, as demonstrators threw rocks and Molotov cocktails. Authorities used construction machinery to clear barricades erected by the protesters around the central square as police entered it for the first time since June 1 after a crackdown on the demonstrations drew international condemnation.


President Barack Obama meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G8 Summit at Lough Erne in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, on June 17

Rio riots

A demonstrator is shot by rubber bullets as riot police charge after clashes erupted June 20 during a protest against corruption and price hikes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Recycled ruins

West Midland firefighters tackle a large blaze at a recycling plant in central England on July 1, 2013. More than 150 firefighters worked to control the blaze involving 100,000 tons of plastic recycling material that sent a plume of smoke rising 6,000 feet into the air.

Where fallen firefighters died

This July 4 aerial photo shows the site in Arizona where 19 firefighters were killed in a wildfire four days earlier.

Surviving Hotshot crew member Brendan McDonough walks back to his seat after speaking at a memorial service for the fallen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots in Prescott Valley, Ariz., on July 9, 2013. Thousands of mourners, including firefighters from around the country and Vice President Joe Biden, converged in central Arizona on Tuesday to pay final tribute to 19 young firemen killed in the line of duty. The fallen firefighters were overrun by flames on the afternoon of June 30 as they battled a lightning-sparked blaze with hand tools outside the tiny town of Yarnell.

Tragedy in San Francisco

Asiana Airlines flight attendants and rescued passengers rest on the runway after Flight 214 crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport, July 6. Two people were killed in the incident, which came after the plane clipped a seawall at the end of a runway.

The most famous baby

Britain's Prince William carries his son the Prince of Cambridge into a car outside St. Mary's Hospital's exclusive Lindo Wing in London, on July 23, where his wife, Duchess Kate, gave birth on July 22.

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Desert walk

A woman carrying her baby and wrapped with a shawl walks through a sandstorm in Timbuktu on July 29.

Refugee crisis

An aerial view of the Zaatari refugee camp near Mafraq, Jordan, a few miles from the Syrian border on July 18. The camp is currently home to well over 100,000 Syrian refugees.

Hands down

Egyptian protesters wave their hands and hold national flags during anti-Morsi demonstrations in Tahrir Square, Cairo, on June 28.

Dangerous protest

A police vehicle is pushed off of the 6th of October bridge by protesters close to the largest sit-in by supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in the eastern Nasr City district of Cairo, Egypt, on Aug. 14.

Slaughter of the innocents

The bodies of Syrian children that activists say were killed by nerve gas in a neighbourhood of Damascus lie in a makeshift morgue on August 21. The activists accused President Bashar al-Assad's forces of launching a chemical weapons attack on rebel-held districts that they said killed hundreds of people.

Light show

Lightning strikes the Grand Canyon on Aug. 30.

One giant leap

An unfortunate frog makes an appearance during the launch of NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on Sept. 6.

Guns amid the glitz

A police officer tries to secure an area inside the Westgate mall, in Nairobi, Kenya, on Sept. 21. At least 67 people were confirmed dead, after gunmen went on a shooting spree insdie the shopping center

Hiding from danger

A woman and children hide inside Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya on Sept. 21 after a group of armed men attacked the upscale shopping mall killing dozens and wounding hundreds.

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Tidal wave

Visitors take pictures of tidal waves under the influence of Typhoon Usagi in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China on Sept. 22.

Holy 'selfie'

Pope Francis obligingly posed for a "selfie" with a group of young people visiting the Vatican on Aug. 28.

Drive for happiness

North Korean soldiers play an arcade game at at the new Pyongyang Pleasure Park on Sept. 22. Authorities have been building such facilities in an attempt to improve the morale of citizens.

V is not for victory

Detroit's Torii Hunter falls into the bullpen trying to catch Red Sox hitter David Ortiz's eighth-inning home run in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, on Oct. 14. Boston won the game.

Terror in the streets

A Pakistani man carrying a child rushes away from the site of a car bombing in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan, on Sept. 29. Scores of people died in the explosion, the third to hit the troubled city in a week

Fanning the flames
A man tends a fire in Tanauan, Philippines, on Nov. 19, in front of a typhoon-battered landscape.

Indestructible faith

Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan march in a religious procession in Tolosa on the eastern Philippine island of Leyte on Nov. 18, more than a week after the typhoon devastated the area.

Beauty amid the ashes

A hibiscus flower blossoms from vegetation covered with volcanic ash from Mount Sinabung in Sumatra on Nov. 19. The volcano continued to emit volcanic ash, throwing a 26,247 foot-high plume into the atmosphere.

Grandmotherly love among the ruins

A displaced Syrian woman comforts her one-month old grandchild inside a stone house near Kafer Rouma, an ancient ruin used as temporary shelter by families who have fled from the heavy fighting and shelling in the Idlib province in the north of Syria, on Sept. 27.

Pack of camels

Tribesmen lead their camels through the sand dunes of the Liwa desert in the United Arab Emirates, on Nov. 23, 2013.


A Christian man chases a suspected Seleka officer in civilian clothes with a knife near the airport in Bangui, Central African Republic on Dec. 7. The CAR was plunged into turmoil in March when an alliance of Seleka rebels, who are from the country’s Muslim minority, seized power and went on a months-long rampage of looting, raping and killing. Both Christian and Muslim mobs went on retaliatory lynching sprees as French forces deployed to the capital to ease the tension. The Seleka man was taken into custody by French force who fired warning shots to disperse the crowds.

Mandela mourned

South African mourners, wave and shout as the hearse carrying the body of former South African President Nelson Mandela passes through the streets of Pretoria, South Africa, on Dec. 12. Mandela passed away on the evening of Dec. 5, 2013 at his home at the age of 95. Mandela became South Africa's first black president in 1994 after spending 27 years in jail for his activism against apartheid in a racially-divided South Africa.

Members of the South African armed forces stand around the coffin of former President Nelson Mandela before it is lowered into the grave during his funeral in his childhood village of Qunu on Dec. 15. Mandela was buried near his ancestral home, ending 10 days of national mourning and global tributes for the prisoner-turned-president who transformed his country and inspired the world.

Year in Pictures: 2013 Space

Spotlight on a halo

Which pictures struck a cosmic chord in 2013? Check out the year's top images from the outer-space beat. 

A halo appears around the moon in Kvæfjord, Troms, Norway, on Feb. 19, 2013. Such halos occur when moonlight is refracted by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Horsehead of a different color

The Horsehead Nebula takes on an eerie glow in an infrared image from the Hubble Space Telescope. This picture, released on April 21, marked the 23rd anniversary of the famous observatory's launch in 1990 aboard the space shuttle Discovery.

Wicked witch of Orion

A witch appears to be screaming out into space in this image from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, released Oct. 31. The infrared portrait shows the Witch Head nebula, named after its resemblance to the profile of a wicked witch. (Can't see the resemblance? Her nose points to the right, halfway up the frame.) Astronomers say the billowy clouds of the nebula are being lit up by massive stars.

Spacewalk in Utah

Members of the Mars Desert Research Station's Crew 125 EuroMoonMars B mission return after collecting geological samples in the Utah desert on March 2. To simulate the conditions that future explorers will face on Mars, the crew members put on simulated spacesuts every time they venture outside the research station during a mission.

One giant leap

An enlarged portion of this image shows an unfortunate frog flying in the air as NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer, or LADEE, blasted off from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on Sept. 6. LADEE went into lunar orbit to study the moon's thin atmosphere and surface dust. 

The big picture from Saturn

Saturn is surrounded by planets and moons in a mosaic assembled from images captured by NASA's Cassini probe on July 19. The backlit picture of the ringed planet includes Earth's tiny speck and the even tinier speck representing our moon. But that's not all: A full-resolution image also reveals Mars and Venus, as well as seven of Saturn's moons. 

Beauty is in the eye of a hurricane
The spinning vortex of Saturn's north polar storm resembles a deep red rose in this color-coded infrared image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. Measurements have sized the eye at a staggering 1,250 miles across. This image was taken from a distance of 261,000 miles on Nov. 27, 2012, and distributed by NASA on April 29, 2013.

Usually, the European Space Agency sends astronauts to outer space, but these astronauts, in an image released Oct. 4, are in a cave on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Six astronauts from around the world spent six days underground to learn how to work together under extreme conditions.

Galactic butterfly
A close-up of the dying star NGC 6302 nebula is seen in this image released by NASA on June 7. The picture was produced from data acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 in 2009. With an estimated surface temperature of about 250,000 degrees C (450,032 degrees F), the dying central star of this particular planetary nebula has become exceptionally hot, shining brightly in ultraviolet light but hidden from direct view by a dense torus of dust.

Supermoon rising
The moon rises over the Greek temple of Poseidon as tourists enjoy the sunset at Cape Sounion on June 22. The "supermoon" is so named because it's the year's biggest, brightest full moon.

Planetary trio
Three planets - Jupiter (top), Venus (lower left) and Mercury - are revealed after sunset above the round domes of the telescopes at the European Southern Observatory's La Silla Observatory in northern Chile on May 26.

Ready to drill
This self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity rover combines dozens of exposures taken by the rover's Mars Hand Lens Imager on Feb. 3. The rover was positioned at a patch of flat outcrop called "John Klein," the site for the first rock-drilling activities by Curiosity. Because of the process by which the pictures were taken, the rover's robotic arm is not visible in the mosaic.

Evil Eye

Mountain ridges near San Alberto in Mexico look like a reptilian eye in this view from the International Space Station. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield uses a different metaphor: "A Dali watch on an alligator wristband." The picture was taken on April 15 and shared via social media on April 25.

'Comet of the century'

Astrophotographer Damian Peach snapped this picture of Comet ISON on Nov. 15. The comet, formally known as C/2012 S1, was discovered a little more than a year ago. Even then, astronomers recognized that it had the potential to become the "comet of the century," owing to the fact that it was due to come well within a million miles (1.6 million kilometers) of the sun. 

Cosmic caterpillar
This light-year-long knot of interstellar gas and dust, shown in a picture from the Hubble Space Telescope on Aug. 29, resembles a caterpillar on its way to a feast. But the meat of the story is not just what this cosmic caterpillar eats for lunch, but also what's eating it. Harsh winds from extremely bright stars in the Cygnus OB2 association are blasting ultraviolet radiation at this "wanna-be" star and sculpting the gas and dust into its long shape.

Spacewalker at work

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy takes part in a spacewalk to replace a leaky pump controller box on the International Space Station's far port truss on May 11. The repair job was successful, enabling the station to make full use of its power-generating system.

Launching Project Loon

A Project Loon high-altitude balloon sails over Tekapo in southern New Zealand after its launch on June 15. The test was part of Google's plan to send balloons to the edge of space, with the lofty aim of bringing the Internet to the two-thirds of the global population currently without Web access

Strange streak

The trail of a meteor is seen over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Feb. 15. The meteor streaked across the sky and blew up, releasing as much energy as an atomic bomb and setting off a shock wave. More than 1,600 people were injured, many of them by flying glass from broken windows.

Loops of power

Magnetic loops rise from the sun's surface, as seen in an image captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. Such loops lie at the heart of eruptions on the sun known as coronal mass ejections, or CMEs. The image was captured on July 19, 2012, and released to the public on Feb. 20, 2013.

Streaking over Wyoming

Astrophotographer Randy Halverson captured this shot of a Perseid meteor streak against the backdrop of the Milky Way in Wyoming's Red Desert on Aug. 11. For more of Halverson's work, check out DakotaLapse.com.

Streaking over Wyoming

Astrophotographer Randy Halverson captured this shot of a Perseid meteor streak against the backdrop of the Milky Way in Wyoming's Red Desert on Aug. 11. For more of Halverson's work, check out DakotaLapse.com.

Stars in the cloud

This glittering picture shows X-ray emissions from young sunlike stars in the "wing" of the Small Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy associated with the larger Milky Way. The Small Magellanic Cloud lies about 180,000 light-years from Earth. In this April 4 picture, readings from the Chandra X-ray Observatory are shown in purple; visible light seen by the Hubble Space Telescope is in red, green and blue; and infrared readings from the Spitzer Space Telescope are indicated in red.

One small step for China

China's six-wheeled lunar rover Yutu, or "Jade Rabbit," explores the surface of the moon on Dec. 15 in this image taken by the camera on the Chang'e 3 probe after China successfully carried out the world's first soft landing of a space probe on the moon in nearly four decades. Hours later, video footage showed the probe's rover rolling onto the lunar surface. The achievement marked the next stage in an ambitious space program that aims to eventually put a Chinese astronaut on the moon.

Setting sun in space

This view from the International Space Station shows the sun heading toward the horizon over southwestern Australia on April 2. The space station's solar panels loom in the foreground.

Blue Marble

The Earth shines bright in a composite image assembled in 2010 from thousands of pictures collected by NASA's Terra satellite. This is one in a series of "Blue Marble" images that capture the fragility of Earth. Click through our slideshow to see more satellite views of our fragile Earth.

Miles and miles of the Nile

Africa and the Middle East - including the Nile River and its delta, the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula - spread out in this norhward-looking view from the International Space Station, captured by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on March 20, 2013.

Good night!

The night lights of the Americas shine in this visualization of our planet at night, which is based on data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October. The image, released by NASA Earth Observatory on Dec. 5, 2012, has been nicknamed the "Black Marble."

Blazing sun

This full-disk view of the sun was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on April 11, during the strongest solar flare yet seen in 2013. The colors reflect the intensity of emissions in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.

Strokes in the Sahara

Geological formations take on an alien look in a picture of the southern Sahara in Mauritania, taken on March 19 from the International Space Station and shared via social media on April 24. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield calls the scene "effortless natural art."

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