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이런 뱃살은 과체중 때문이 아니다: These Tummy Types are Not Caused by Excess Weight

With summer right round the corner, you may be thinking about getting back in shape. But there are times where our belly doesn't seem to reduce in size despite our best efforts. Take a look at what causes unwanted growth around the waist: 
1. Love Handles
tummy type
Main Feature: 'Cushions' on your sides
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Sweet tooth
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Lots of sugar and refined carbs (such as cookies, cakes and white bread) or starchy carbs (such as pasta and rice).
1. Drinking less alcohol: Drinking wine regularly (3-4 times a week) can lead to what is known as a 'wine waist', causing a potbelly and fat sides. Stop drinking for two weeks and remember that moderation is the key.

2. Rethink your diet: Special dietary products and low fat foods should be avoided. Instead, opt for eggs, lean meat and vegetables as well as good fats, such as avocado, nuts and high-fat fish. 

3. Exercise: If you can't get yourself to go to the gym, go for long walks and add lunges, squats and reverse push-ups to your exercise regime. 

2. Stress belly
tummy type
Main Feature: Fat is concentrated around the belly button. The belly appears to be thick, not loose. 
• Chronic stress and high levels of cortisol
• Missing meals
• Drinking lots of coffee
• Irritable bowl syndrome
• Eating unhealthy food
1. Going to bed early: If you don't get much sleep or you're feeling stressed, this disrupts the leptin production, a hormone that helps regulate your appetite and metabolism. 

2. Relax before sleeping: Have a long bath, do some breathing exercises or meditate. These useful habits will ensure that you sleep well. 

3. Don't overdo exercising: Excess cardio will increase your cortisol levels. Try yoga, long walks or a gym session all of which should help calm you down. Just be sure not to overdo it. 

4. Take magnesium supplements: Magnesium is a relaxing mineral. Besides supplements you can find magnesium in dark green vegetables, nuts and wheat bran. 

3. Low belly
tummy type
Main Feature: Though you may be slim, your lower belly protrudes a bit.
• Pregnancy
• Monotonous exercise in the gym
• Spinal curvature
1. Healthy diet and lots of fiber: Opt for green leafy vegetables, whole-grain bread and other sources of fiber are good for you. 

2. Exclude squats from your exercise regime: Squats put a lot of pressure on your lower back, aggravating spinal curvature, making your tummy more prominent. Instead, replace squats with planks. 

3. Equal distribution of exercise: Rather than overexerting a single part of your body, try circuit training instead. This will ensure that you're working on all muscle groups. 

4. Mommy’s belly
tummy type
Main feature: After giving birth, the belly appears to be pregnant.
• Not having enough time for yourself. As the uterus lowers itself after birth, achieving results becomes harder than it was before pregnancy. Returning to your normal size will take about 6 weeks. 
• You started training too early. Give your body the time it needs to rest after giving birth before taking up exercise.
• Weak muscles of the pelvis
1. Consume healthy fats: Opt for nuts, vegetable oil and olives, to help fight fatigue. Also take fish oil supplements. 

2. Keep your belly tucked in: This healthy habit will tone your muscles without over exerting them. 

5. Inflated belly
tummy type
Main feature:  Your stomach is flat in the morning but grows during the day, regardless of whether you have excess weight.
• Food allergy
• Sluggish bowels
• Intestinal flora imbalance
1. Exclude foods that don't go well with your body: Gluten, alcohol, yeast (found in cakes and beer) and processed dairy products are types of foods that you may want to avoid. 

2. Opt for a diet rich in fresh vegetables, meat, chicken and fish:Best avoid bread and pastries for two weeks and make a note if the swelling in your belly goes down. 

3. Don't skip breakfast: Breakfast should be the largest meal of your day as your digestion peaks in the morning. Eat an early dinner and be sure to chew on your food thoroughly and drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

4. Swelling may be a sign of unbalanced intestinal flora: Pre- and probiotics should help ease the solution. They are present in sour cream and certain fruit and vegetables including cabbage, garlic and onion. 

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걸작 사진들 : 14 Fascinating Unedited Photographs

A stunning photo stands out from the thousands of ordinary ones because it was taken at just the right moment. Whether it is a stunning lightning strike, a tiny animal caught in an open mouth, or an unusual shadow, these types of photos are captivating in some way. Therefore, because of this, you don't have to be one of the best photographers in the world to snap the best pictures. Sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time, and not hesitate when the moment comes. Below are 14 stunning photos that have not been edited in any way - they were created with skill, patience, inspiration, and a dash of luck.

1. An Outdoor Theater, Yunnan, China 
2. A Curious Harbor Seal, San Diego California
3. Rancho Cucamonga, California 
4. Sunset at Pensacola Beach, Florida 
5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
Photo: Sergio Moraes

6. King Penguin Chicks, South Georgia 
7. The Morning Light Comes to Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia
8. 138 Parachutists 
9. Albino Crab Spider on a Cactus, Nuevo León, Mexico 
Photo: Alberto Gaytán Mtz  

10. Surfing with Dolphins, Kalbarri, Australia
Photo: Matt Hutton 

11. Explosion Illusion, Location Unknown 

12. Lightning Over the Arabian Penisula Taken From ISS
Photo: Nasa

13. Sunrise in Bushy Park, London, United Kingdom 
14. A Swan Nursery, Location Unknown 

Photographer Unknown 

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최고의 히트곡들이 많았던 1967년: A Year in Music: 1967

1967 saw many key events that the world has never forgotten. On January 12, Dr. James Bedford became the first person to be cryonically frozen, that he might be resuscitated when one day the technology allows it. The 6 day war between Israel and her Arab neighbors began on June 5th. And on December 3rd the first ever heart transplant was performed. Do you remember what you were doing in 1967? If you are not sure, listening to the following 24 popular music hits is sure to jog your memory!

 1967년은 고등학교 3학년을 보내고 있었다. 어릴 적부터 성가대를 하고 탈랜트도 가지고 있는 터에 중학교 들어 가서는 비틀즈의 선풍이 불면서 1962년인가 잘 기억이 안 나지만 동아방송의 작고한 DJ 최동욱씨의 3시의 다이얼이라는 프로그람에서 세계 유명한 팝송을 들려 주고 있었다. 

공부 하면서도 라디오를 들으며 심취하였던 주옥 같은 노래들은 지금 들어도 이제는 클래식이 되었지만 멜로디에 화음에 그리고 젊음을 노래하는 리듬이 좋아서인지 큰 딸은 나 이상의 60년 70년대 팝송 매니아이다.

당시의 전 세계의 틴에이저들의 마음을 사로 잡은 가수와 구릅들이 너무 많았다. 비정상적일 정도로 마음에 드는 팝송을 좋아 해서 아마 1970년 중반까지의 빌보드 차트 1위의 음악들은 거의 다 알고 있다.

마침 1967년이 유독 유명한 곡들이 많다고 해서 수록한다.

1. Brown Eyed Girl: Van Morrison

2. White Shadow of Pale: Procol Harum

3. Light My Fire: The Doors

4. Respect: Aretha Franklin

5. A Day in Life: Beathles

6. Sunshine of your Love: Cream

7. Waterloo Sunset: Klinks

8. White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane

9. A Natural Woman: Aretha Franklin

10. Purple Haze: Jimmy Hendrix

11. Soul Man: Sam and Dave

12. Somebody to Love: Jefferson Airplane

13. Night in White Satin: The Moody Blues

14. The Letter: Box Tops

15. My Back Pages: The Byrds

16. Time Has Come Today: The Chambers Brothers

17. Dance to the Music: Sly and the Family Stone

18. Tears of A Clown: Smoky Robinson and Miracles

19. Higher and Higher: Jackie Wilson

20. At the Dark End of the Street: Jimmy Carr

21. I Second of Emotion: Smoky Robinson and Miracles

22. You Keep Me Hanging On: Vanilla Fudge

23. Let's Spend the Night Together: Rolling Stones

24. The End: The Doors