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2015년 내쇼날지오그라프 잡지 사진 대회 II ; 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest, Part II

National Geographic Magazine’s annual photo contest is still underway, with the deadline for submissions coming up soon—on November 16, 2015. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to National Geographic headquarters to participate in its annual photography seminar. The kind folks at National Geographic were once more kind enough to let me choose among the contest entries so far for a second display here. Captions written by the individual photographers.
  • This mom and cub began to "dance" during their break from perusing for clams. Photographed in Alaska. 
  • While shooting the majestic Southern Stingray in the crystal clear water of the Sandbar in Grand Cayman, I was stunned when this newlywed couple arrived—the bride was still in her wedding dress! This shot, for me, captures the beginning of a new life together, one where a couple will brave the troubles of the world hand-in-hand. The couple marches confidently towards the clouds in the frame ignoring the beasts at their feet; this is an adventure they will seek together. 
  • Firefly season comes around in Japan at the beginning of the rainy season. This firefly is a species called Luciola parvula, and it blinks repeatedly. The number of these fireflies living in Japan decreases every year. Photographed in Ōzu, Ehime, Japan. 
  • This was one of the most curious, interactive squirrels I have ever come across. We sat down to enjoy the view and have a snooze and we were interrupted by this little guy scurrying over our camera bags. He was trying to reach for a friend’s camera that was also taking pictures just out of my frame. 
  • She had moved from remote Northern Sumatra, and out of the Batak tribe, one of the last practicing cultures of cannibalism, to the heavily congested and touristy streets and beaches of Bali, bridging the gap from old to new in a single generation. I met her after a surf sitting under a grotto, and she told me of the way she had seen her country change. 
  • A large cluster of marine life enjoys a massive feeding frenzy below the monolithic Eddystone Rock. The area is about 26 kilometers off Tasmania's South East Cape and is truly a wild location. 
  • New favorite summer pastime—creating gigantic bubbles. Making them is fun, but watching them pop is fascinating! 
  • The red fox has an elongated body and relatively short limbs. The tail, which is longer than half the body length, is fluffy and reaches the ground when in a standing position. 
  • Liquid energy rising from the deep and morphing over a shallow reef before exploding and completing its journey back into the sea. 
  • Aerial shot taken over Toronto, Canada. 
  • Driving out of the Kruger National Park, South Africa, near the Malelane Gate, we spotted two lionesses yawning 10 meters from the road. We stopped to take pictures. As we did, a warthog appeared from underneath the road. Eighteen seconds later the warthog was dead. This is one of a series of more than 50 shots that captures the sequence of events. I feel it is particularly poignant as the principal lion and warthog appear to be staring into the camera. 
  • A puzzled man is watching a large screen before a show, on the island of Cat Ba, Vietnam, in 2015. 
  • The eyes of a jumping spider. 
  • One of my first nights in Iceland, where I travelled for 2 weeks alone. This was one of the most amazing day of my life. In the afternoon, fantastic lenticular clouds were formed between me and the Myrdalsjökull glacier so I took some amazing shots at sunset. I came back at night and fantastic northern lights were painting the sky of green. I took some shots at the local lighthouse but suddenly my attention fell on this little house (I guess lighthouse's guardian home). The door was open and the light on. 
  • Freediving champion Martin Zajac giving a lesson to his students "YOU WILL HOLD YOUR BREATH FOREVER!" Captured on a single breath, no scuba gear used. 
  • Detail of a great blue heron which crossed his fingers for me, in Rockport, Texas. 
  • This little roe deer buck had just walked down the furrow of this wheat field when he spotted me, after a second or two he decided to bolt through the wheat, jumping high over the crop as he made his escape.. 
  • This curious humpback put on quite a show for us. It swam back and forth between our boat and the small raft several times, stopping by each one and spy-hoping to get a better view. It was truly a magical day. Photographed near Mala, Hawaii. 
  • The light of dawn is extraordinary—indescribable beauty that nature offers us. Photographed in Novyy Urengoy, Russia. 
  • Football lovers live in Norway, Lofoten Islands. Shot was taken from a small plane. 
  • Dettifoss waterfall in Iceland’s Vatnajökull National Park. My nephew and I spend sometime taking pictures here but I wanted to appear in a picture myself so I prepared my camera and tripod, set the scene and when ready asked my nephew to push the button when I'd appeared at the crosshairs in the screen. So I'm the guy in the picture.
  • More than 2,000 people have been caught and buried in avalanches in Switzerland alone, in recent years. Rescue dogs provide valuable services in finding buried humans.Training these dogs is time-consuming and a lot of endurance is required for both the dog and his handler. I accompanied the avalanche rescue dog team under the leadership of Nicole Dammann for a full day during their training session in Melchsee Frutt. There I spent an hour buried in a narrow cold snow cave to be searched for and rescued. 
  • Aerial shot taken over Oil Sands area, Fort McMurray, Canada. 
  • Photograph taken in South Africa in the Sabi Sand area at “Elephant Plains” private reserve, this one of two “Matimba Males” was lying in the road late one evening with another game viewing vehicle directly behind him. The ranger in that vehicle had lit him up with a spot light, giving me a bright back light, and I was able to capture this image of the Beast’s yawn. 
  • This phenomenon occurs a few days a year during the winter solstice and when weather conditions are perfect for the alignment to happen. With my pure luck I got to experience a truly magical sunset. It felt like volcanic eruption through natural light. Keyhole Rock in Big Sur, California. 
  • A lonely cat sits backdropped by the Spanish town of Calp, seen from an altitude of 332 meters when I was climbing on a nearby hill in the Natural Park of Penyal d'Ifac.
  • A female grizzly bear, patrolling the beaches of the Greater Lake Clark National Park area, with Alaska’s ubiquitous mountains providing an iconic backdrop across the strait. As it was late in the day, and the light was lending itself to a truly spectacular silhouette, I lay down in the water a little way along the beach and waited for her to come into shot. She dipped her head to search for fish and her back momentarily became part of the mountain range. 

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