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11월 23일에 일어난 역사적 사건들: Today in History: November 23

A look at various events that took place on this day, November 23, photographed over the past century. Today’s collection includes a sword-fighting Mussolini, a motorcycle-jumping Evel Knievel in 1963, William Shatner dressed as a gun-toting Santa Claus in 1983, a Florida canvassing board member scrutinizing a voter’s ballot in 2000, and much more.
  • Benito Mussolini, Italy’s Prime Minister, right, fights a fencing duel with a Fascist militia officer in Rome, on November 23, 1936. The match was watched by Nazi newspapermen, who were visiting Rome, and Fascist officials. 
  • Dr. William Beebe, center, and two of his assistants, Gloria Hollister, left, and John T. Van, stand beside their bathysphere after their arrival in New York from Bermuda, on November 23, 1932. Dr. Beebe and company had conducted deep-sea explorations in the bathysphere in Bermuda. 
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt behind the wheel of his car in Warm Springs, Georgia, on November 23, 1935. 
  • Headmaster Sims, left, watches as students of Dorset House Preparatory School file into a bomb-proof shelter in their first air raid drill in Littlehampton, England, on November 23, 1938. The air raid shelter was built under the cricket ground and was paid for by the parents of the boys. 
  • A group of Marines, after landing on the beach at Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, during a struggle to push a landing boat back into deep water after it was beached when the tide went out on November 23, 1943. Note the landing craft in the background being pounded by the heavy surf. 
  • Women wave their ration books happily in Seattle at a meat market on November 23, 1945, when they learned through signs that meat rationing was ended. Most Seattle citizens got word of the happy news through radio and papers, like the one in the photo, because the city was without its three daily newspapers, because of a strike. 
    Paul Wagner / AP
  • A smiling mother helps her child from a boat as they reach Austrian soil, after crossing a border canal from Hungary with other fleeing refugees in Hungary, on November 23, 1956. The escaping Hungarians used boats to cross the canal after communists blew up “Freedom Bridge” near Pusztasomorja, Hungary. 
  • Suspect Lee Harvey Oswald is led down a corridor of the Dallas police station for another round of questioning in connection with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, on November 23, 1963. Oswald, who denies any involvement in the shooting, was formally charged with murder. 
  • Members of the White House staff file past the body of John F. Kennedy, lying in repose in a closed, flag-draped coffin in the historic East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on November 23, 1963. 
    Henry Burroughs / AP
  • A Vietnamese monsoon downpour drenches men of the U.S. First Infantry Division as an Army helicopter waits for weather to clear, so it can take off in a jungle clearing about 50 miles northwest of Saigon, Vietnam, on November 23, 1965. 
  • Exhibition motorcycle rider Evel Knievel, a former movie stuntman, jumps his cycle between two ramps a hundred feet apart, to open a Sports Cycle Exhibition at the Civic Center, November 23, 1967, San Francisco, California. Knievel was making plans to jump the Grand Canyon with a jet engine on his cycle, wings, and a parachute. 
  • A San Francisco cable car is shown on a turntable getting ready for a return trip, on November 23, 1968. 
  • Actress Jane Fonda and actor Donald Sutherland talk to reporters at the Los Angeles airport on November 23, 1971, before departing on a tour to entertain troops in Hawaii, Japan, Guam, and the Philippines. 
    George Brich / AP
  • A man makes his way on a street covered with rubble in the small town of Balvano, near Potenza, southern Italy, on November 23, 1980. A major earthquake hit the Irpinia region, killing 2,735 people. 
    Gianni Foggia / AP
  • William Shatner, masquerading as a Santa, fires a round at an escaping culprit during taping on November 23, 1983, in the garment district of Los Angeles for an upcoming episode of “T.J. Hooker.” 
    Doug Pizac / AP
  • President George Bush tosses presidential tie clips to U.S. Marines at a desert encampment in eastern Saudi Arabia on November 23, 1990, during a Thanksgiving visit.
    J. Scott Applewhite / AP
  • Then U.S. President-elect Bill Clinton, center, leans back and laughs as he plays the saxophone with the Sugar Bear marching band of Central High School during a City Hall rally in Macon, Georgia, on November 23, 1992. 
    David Longstreath / AP
  • Somali gunmen ride through the streets of northern Mogadishu during a rally by clan leader Ali-Mahdi on November 23, 1994. 
    Corinne Dufka / Reuters
  • Customers examine the Japanese language version of Windows 95 moments past midnight, on November 23, 1995, in a store in Tokyo's Akihabara electronic district. That Thursday's debut gave Japanese a taste of the worldwide hype surrounding the computer operating system, released in English three months previous. 
    Naokazu Oinuma / AP
  • Broward County Canvassing Board member, Judge Robert Rosenberg, stares at a dimpled presidential punchcard ballot on November 23, 2000 as the board begins counting the county's ballots that were considered questionable. After review by the three-member panel, the vote went to Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush. 
    Colin Braley / Reuters
  • A firefighter sprays water on fires as recovery work continues at the site of the North Tower of the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks, in New York on November 23, 2001. 
    Robert Spencer / AP
  • Afghan refugees ride on a truck with their belongings as they pass through Maidan Shahr on their way back home to Kabul, on November 23, 2001. 
    Damir Sagolj / Reuters
  • The Space Shuttle Endeavour launches on November 23, 2002, from Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The shuttle mission STS-113 included the installation of the P-1 Truss Structure on the International Space Station and the delivery of a new crew to the Space Station. 
    NASA / Getty
  • A US Army soldier from the 1-22 Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division (Task Force Ironhorse) shoots during a basketball game inside one of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's former palaces along the banks of the Tigris river in Tikrit, Iraq, on November 23, 2003. 
    Mauricio Lima / AFP / Getty

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