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1930 - 50년대의 미국 모습과 자동차

미국의 1930년에서 1950-60년대의 차와 마을, 도시들을 타임머신을 타고 달려갑니다.
이제는 볼 수록 멋이 나는 고풍의 Vintage 자동차들은 모든 사람의 눈을 멈추게 하며 그 희소성으로 소장하고픈 것 중 하나일 겁니다. 전개되는 광경에 놀라지 마시기를 미리 말씀드립니다.

This is the last out take from the '37 Studebaker photo shoot.
There is something about the style of cars from the late 1930's that fascinates me. This particular coupe can only seat 3 people, yet it's the size of a whale. 

While digging around in some boxes I discovered a 1/24th scale 1994 Chrysler New Yorker promo, which made me think about the 1957 Chrysler diecast I just bought. Placing them side by side, the contrast of the body styles was startling.

A few years ago, I had this notion to create a scene of cars flying without the use of Photoshop.
Starting out with an 8 foot table, I spread out cotton batting and placed LED lights under it to give it a surreal glow.
The 1/18th scale Studebaker was then placed on top of a 12 inch long piece of wood and wrapped in more cotton batting.

I just found this photo of my 1951 Studebaker Champion 4 door sedan, which I had a number of years ago, and had to post it.
It certainly belongs in Elgin Park.

1964 - The Dream and the Reality

When the Turbine was shown to the public, the real world was cluttered, dirty, visually chaotic and not at all futuristic looking.

I hope this Turbine theme is not getting boring. Really, there's only one more photo from the vault. OK, maybe two.
This is so much like the day my Dad took me to see the Turbine at the Northway Mall in Pittsburgh. The car slowly rotating, with each new view just as exciting as the last.
I suspect I might have blown this memory out of proportion, though. In reality, it was probably just parked in the main hall with a lot of people standing around gawking.

Turbine Diorama Pieces

Here's a behind the scenes view of what went into the Faux Promotional Photo.
From looking at the design cues of the early 60's interiors, I decide to go with the "Populux" style, which incorporated wood paneling, metallic surfaces and bold shapes.
I was always fascinated with showrooms that displayed parts of the automobile for closer inspection. So for that, I raided an unbuilt kit for the console, wheel assembly, engine and dashboard.
Boy, if such a showroom ever existed for the Turbine, I would have camped out there permanently

천재적인 솜씨를 가진 Michael Paul Smith의 작품들이다.

These photos are not so ordinary as it might appear at first glance. The fact is that each and every shot is a part of a miniature world carefully constructed and photographed by the amazing artist Michael Paul Smith.

My Childhood Home in 1/24th scale

This is the photo I chose for the Museum of Arts and Design's OTHERWORLDLY exhibit in NY.
Done in the style of Charles Cushman, it has the feeling of "times past" and "a sense of place."
I'm happy to say this image stood proud and secure with all of the other works of art at the show.
A curious thing, though, the actual model was only a few feet away from the photograph and yet it resembled a doll house. It became very toy like when out of context with the real world. In some ways that made the photo much more mysterious.
One person asked if I had made the model based on that old photo hanging on the wall.
And that is precisely what the exhibit is all about.

Pittsburgh Photo Shoot

This was the perfect setting for the model and I came across it just by accident.
It's such a Pittsburgh scene: the hills, the bridge, the rubble! And if you block my
head from the picture, it reads as a real photo.
Of the 6 days I was there, this was the only day the sun was out. The Universe smiled on me and I am grateful.
I will post the finished photo after the exhibit opens.

One from the Vault - Depot Parking Lot 1950

When the Elgin Park book was being put together during the summer, the publisher asked if I would create a few new photos for it.
There ended up being 3.
This particular image was not used for a number of reasons, so I decided to put it aside and post it on Flickr when the release date drew nearer.
I altered the cab of the large truck, and added the trailer from a long forgotten diecast that had been packed away for years.

6. Getting a Sense of the Finished Interior

I decided to have the first floor walls glued in place so they would provide structural support for the exterior. The second floor would be completely removable along with the attic floor.
To accomplish this, I took off 1/16 inch all around the floor plates, which left a gap, so everything could be lifted out of the building.
You can see the kitchen in the foreground and notice how really small it was: 9 x 10. There were 8 people in my family, so we ate in shifts. It boggles the mind how my parents managed all of this.

Passenger car setup shot

Here's the layout for the two shots that were posted.
The train cars were pre-wired so it was just a matter of figuring out how to make them light up.
Note to self: electricity and water is not a good combination.

Girls Out Shopping

A Friend of mine and her two friends bravely agreed to do a photo shoot for the series.
When the pictures were developed [ I used real film for this project ] I was more than delighted by the outcome.
It was as though I had sent the camera back into time and the past was revealed.

The Backyard [ one from the vault ]

I've been going through my files looking for previously unseen photos that will be featured in the book; Elgin Park - An Ideal American Town.
There were a few surprises way in the back of the drawer; this being one of them,
with it's grainy, half memory feel to it.
How many times, as a child, had we run across the neighbors driveways and through their backyards; not seeing what was there, but unbeknown to us, was being recorded and stored, only to be remembered in our distant future.

Kitchen Work Space

Hello everyone!
I've been out of the loop for a while because of two large projects that are happening.
But in the meantime, I have been constructing a new model, plus drawing up plans for two 1/24th scale houses.
Because I no longer have a shop, all of the model building is done on my kitchen table.
No power tools, just old school saws, drills, x-acto blades and sanding blocks.
I wanted to share my work space with everyone, which is extremely retro and quite homey.
I found everything in the trash, and it's still in good condition.
The room is 10' x 9'. Cozy is a word that springs to mind.

Behind the scene mess

Ah, the wonders of LED lights and duct tape!
The blue/white color of the LEDs coupled with the warm 60 watt light bulb that's lighting the exterior model, creates a nice contrast.
As you can see, duct tape is our friend; holding the jumble of wires and lights together.
Here's the link to the final photograph:

The Old Elgin 1962

The Elgin movie house, built in 1927, is now 35 years old and desperately out of step with1962. Third run movies, such as First Spaceship to Venus, plus a marquee that has long lost it's red plastic letters, only adds to the feeling that an Era has passed.
Yet the Elgin still has dignity. I know for a fact it will survive into the 21st Century.

1964 Commuter Train Parking Lot

I was dodging the rain drops when I took this and only got 2 photos, but that's Ok. Though this is similar, in composition,
to the January Snow scene picture, it still has a good feel to it.
In terms of full disclosure; this really is the Commuter Train Parking Lot of the town I live in.
And how ironic, the ABC piece on Elgin Park was being aired while I was taking this.
As my Dad would constantly say to me: "You're always a day late and a dollar short!"

Sunday Morning in March

It was the first nice day in about a month, so I scouted around for an appropriate
neighborhood to do a photo shoot.
About 2 miles down the road I found a parking lot for the commuter train and what a view!
Thank you Universe.

From the vault - Coraopolis

This is the same photo shoot as the VistaVision Lincoln. 
AND Post Card Image:
By changing the perspective and elevating the camera higher than eye level, plus having the vehicles facing the viewer, the photo now has a Main Street feel to it with lots of activity.
The two trucks certainly add to the visual density.


Here is the interior of the diner with all it's
parts exposed.
The most important thing I have learned in model making is to keep everything in scale so it reads as a complete unit.

Winter 1946

It snowed again in Elgin Park, so I grabbed my camera and " walked " around town.
Parked right there on Ferris Street was this new '46 Chevy Suburban; dark green with black fenders. I had to get a shot of it .

January 1st photo shoot [ with giant head ]

I have received a ton of responses to the Photo Shoot Setup.

I enjoy giving away trade secrets, so here is that exact same setup, but it's at camera level. You can see how the trees, which are about a block away, are in the proper perspective to the model.
As for myself being in the shot, it has nothing to do with vanity. Really.

January snowfall 1959

Ok, I couldn't resist making this look like a retro color photograph.
What did Flip Wilson, as Geraldine, use to say: "The devil made me do it!"

A message to himself

Part 4: As Vata hit the ground, the world was rapidly being drained of all color and substance.
He didn't know if he was dying or being shunted back to his own time; or both.
Coming into his blurred vision, Vata made out a figure leaning towards him who was shockingly familiar, and in his panic, called out: "Don't touch me! It's too dangerous!'
The figure stopped, as he too realized what he was seeing, then courageously said: "Let me help you. What do you need?"
Reality had now become a flickering mist as the Professor gathered his last bit of strength, hoping that his message would be heard.
"Stop Heidegger!' he cried. "He must be stopped!"

1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe

This car was the Darling of the 1938 World's Fair. It symbolized speed, style and optimism. Even when it left the showroom and became part of everyday life, it still had
an air of "things to come".

Flat bed Truck 1940

There was a brown glazed cinderblock that was used extensively in the Pittsburgh area during the teens and twenties for warehouses and commercial buildings.
I always loved the heroic feel of those buildings even though they were in the rundown section of town.
Here is a recreation of those structures with the added coolness of a flatbed car carrier.

Saturday night in 1956

It's 23 years later and the town has slowly changed.
The theater was torn down and a 2 story retail building was put up in it's place.
The Chamber of Commerce allowed a large billboard to be placed on the Gilmore gas station roof, hoping to bring in more revenue through advertising.
Mr. Kenmore bought the corner store and renovated it. An outside phone booth was installed across the street. Automobiles became larger and the traffic became more dense.

Changes over time

I'm always fascinated by the growth and development of a town.
I took this opportunity to illustrate what 20 some years can do to the look and density of just one street corner in Elgin Park.

Front page news!

Just what has Professor Vata been up to?
And why was the Burger Boy playing peek a boo with him?
The strange "foreign" device spotted in the garage, along with Mr. Vata has tongues wagging in Elgin Park.


Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK SITE

Big Sky

Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK SITE

Night scene with 1941 Chevrolet

Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK SITE

Elaine's Beauty Salon

Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK SITE

Orbit Ice Cream Stand and 1959 Chevy

Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK site

OK Used Car lot

Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK site

1961 Chevy-dealership

Backgrounds for use at ELGIN PARK site

1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser

Here's the glamor shot of the 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, which was one of the largest automobiles ever produced. Measuring 20 feet long, it was a veritable living room with turn signals.
The scale model, White Tower Diner, was a perfect match with the car.
I used LED lights in the interior of the building, to give it a florescent glow.

Used Car Lot-Etna Pennsylvania

When World War ll was over, automobile production was resumed. A car starved nation traded in their vehicles by the thousands which, filled up Used Car Lots with outdated designs from the 30's and early 40's.
Here you can see a '38 Ford pickup, a '37 Studebaker, a '34 Chrysler Airflow and a '41 Cadillac. Not to mention a '41 Chevy parked on the street.

Working Late - view from main street

In this picture, I'm starting to understand digital illustration.
It's all about the main focus of the "story" and
a tightly cropped frame. 

Freedom in October

Here's the same photo of Freedom, Pennsylvania, but with a 1948 Buick driving by.

Faded Coraopolis

Very Pittsburgh. Very Mid-1950's.
I wish I had a time machine.
But because I don't, I created this 1/24th scale model and photographed it in the Pittsburgh area.

Sense of scale 2

Here is another view that tells the story in one glance.

Heading out West

This is a classic photo that could be found in LIFE or LOOK magazines during the early 1950's.
When searching for a location to set up this photo shoot, I came across this quarry which was perfect.

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