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사진으로 본 금주의 세계: Photos of the Week: 5/14-5/20/2016

The ruins of ancient Roman barracks discovered in Italy, a toddler tied to a rock in India, flooding and mudslides in Sri Lanka, scenes from the Cannes Film Festival, the South Sudan Wheelchair Basketball Association, a nude Shakespeare performance in New York’s Central Park, and much more.

  • Cuban actress Ana De Armas sits on the lap of Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez among photographers on May 16, 2016, during a photo-call for the filmHands of Stone at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. 
    Loic Venance / AFP / Getty

    A police car burns during clashes while police forces gather to denounce the almost daily violent clashes at protests against a labor reform in Paris, France, on May 18, 2016. Several hundred counter demonstrators came chanting slogans like “everybody hates the police” and pushing up against officers until eventually the police deployed dispersal spray.
    Francois Mori / AP
  • A Red-billed Toucan sits inside its enclosure at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park on May 19, 2016.
    Manan Vatsyayana / AFP / Getty
  • Kara Lynn, left, as “Ferdinand,” and Marisa Roper as “Miranda,” perform fully nude during the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society (OCTPFS) theater company's production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, on May 19, 2016, in New York's Central Park. According to OCTPFS's website, the play's selective use of nudity to dramatize The Tempest’s central themes of alienation and reconciliation builds on a long tradition of free expression in theatrical productions held outdoors. 
    Kathy Willens / AP
  • Kenyan policemen beat a protester during clashes in Nairobi, Kenya, on May 16, 2016. Opposition protesters were calling for election officials to step down before upcoming votes. 
    Goran Tomasevic / Reuters
  • A student of the General Yermolov Cadet School parachutes from an airplane in the village of Novomaryevskaya outside the southern city of Stavropol, Russia, on May 13, 2016.
    Eduard Korniyenko / Reuters
  • A boy illuminates his home with candlelight during a 24-hour blackout, in the El Calvario neighborhood of El Hatillo, just outside of Caracas, Venezuela. 
    Fernando Llano / AP
  • Emiratis sail during the Al-Gaffal traditional long-distance dhow sailing race between the island of Sir Bu Nair, near the Iranian coast, and the Gulf emirate of Dubai on May 20, 2016. 
    Marwan Naamani / AFP / Getty
  • Members of the South Sudan Wheelchair Basketball Association (SSWBA) during a weekly training session at the Basketball Stadium in Juba, South Sudan, on May 17, 2016. The SSWBA, created after South Sudan's independence in July 2011, was formed by around 20 members, most of them war victims who lost their legs due to landmines and bullet wounds. The association wants to expand their activities and organize tournaments around the country and compete in international events, such the Paralympics. The SSWBA has only 15 basketball wheelchairs donated by the International Committee of the Red Cross. 
    Albert Gonzalez Farran / AFP / Getty
  • A representative of Makinarium production, specialized in special visual effects, displays a latex mask for horror movie on a stand inside the Festival Palace during the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, on May 14, 2016. 
    Regis Duvignau / Reuters
  • Chicks dyed to draw attention are offered for sale at a small poultry market in Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 18, 2016. 
    Darren Whiteside / Reuters
  • Forest fires burn in Hulun Buir, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on May 20, 2016. 
  • People visit the fort of Douaumont on the battlefield of Verdun, on May 17, 2016, in Douaumont, France. 
    Jean-Christophe Verhaegen / AFP / Getty
  • A man stands in a building earmarked for demolition in the Mathare neighbourhood of Nairobi, Kenya, on May 17, 2016. Kenyan authorities tore down a badly built residential block in the district on Tuesday, one of more than 250 shoddy buildings that could now face demolition after a six-story structure collapsed this month, killing 51 people.
    Goran Tomasevic / Reuters
  • Xabi Zia Urrutia brands a horse, in Sorogain, a small village in the Pyrinees Mountains, in northern Spain, on May 14, 2016. 
    Alvaro Barrientos / AP
  • Trails of headlamps are seen in the night as runners and mountain bikers make their way to the finish line (top right) as they participate in the XIX 101km international competition in Ronda, Spain, late on May 14, 2016. About 8,000 participants, including runners and mountain bikers, ran a track of 101 kilometers (63 miles) in less than 24 hours. Participants made their way through the Serrania de Ronda, or Ronda Mountain Range, during the competition organized by the Fourth Tercio, or Fourth Regiment, “Alejandro Farnesio” of the Spanish Legion.
    Jon Nazca / Reuters
  • A postman wears a mask during an awards ceremony for assisting police in drug-deal detection, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, on May 18, 2016. 
  • An aerial view of the neighborhoods devastated by the wildfire that forced the evacuation of the city seen during Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's helicopter tour in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, on May 13, 2016.
    Jason Franson / Reuters
  • A student has her hands taped before training in a Mixed Martial Arts class at the UFC Gym in La Mirada, California, on April 30, 2016.
    Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty
  • Sri Lankan flood victims flock around a bus to receive food parcels on a inundated road in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on May 17, 2016. The Disaster Management Center said that 114 homes had been destroyed and more than 137,000 people were evacuated to safe locations as heavy rains continue. 
    Eranga Jayawardena / AP
  • Wild poppies grow in the Castilla La Mancha landscape after a wet spell on May 20, 2016, near Daimiel, Spain.
    Denis Doyle / Getty
  • Devotees pull the chariot of Rato Machhindranath during the chariot festival in Lalitpur, Nepal, on May 17, 2016. Rato Machhindranath is known as the god of rain, and both Hindus and Buddhists worship Machhindranath for good rain to prevent drought during the rice harvest season. 
    Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters
  • South African veterinarians apply bandages and stitches to a poached de-horned rhinoceros that was left to die by poachers on a ranch in Bela Bela, some 150 kilometers north of Johannesburg on May 20, 2016. 
    Mujahid Safodien / AFP / Getty
  • The model Bella Hadid poses as she arrives for the screening of the film The Unknown Girl (La Fille Inconnue) at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France, on May 18, 2016. 
    Alberto Pizzoli / AFP / Getty
  • People look at the city of Paris through one of the clocks of the Orsay Museum, on May 18, 2016. 
    Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty
  • The scene after a massive landslide in Kegalle District, about 72 kilometers (45 miles) north of Colombo, Sri Lanka, on May 18, 2016. Massive landslides triggered by torrential rains crashed down onto three villages in the central hills of Sri Lanka, and more than 200 families were missing Wednesday and feared to be buried under the mud and debris, the Sri Lankan Red Cross said. 
    Eranga Jayawardena / AP
  • An archaeologist checks human bones as ancient Roman ruins of former barracks were discovered during work on a new underground line, in Rome, Italy, on May 16, 2016. Work on the Metro C, being built through the center of Rome, has once again run into ancient ruins. This time the barracks for the Roman Praetorian guards were discovered, dating back to the period of Emperor Hadrian, in the second century A.D. Officials say the barracks cover 900 square meters, and include a 100-meter hallway with 39 rooms. 
    Alessandra Tarantino / AP
  • Two makeup artists simultaneously touch up a model's face backstage before the Manning Cartel catwalk show at Australian Fashion week in Sydney on May 17, 2016. 
    Jason Reed / Reuters
  • Opposition supporters affected by tear gas try to leave on a motorcycle. The supporters clashed with riot policemen during a rally demanding a referendum to remove Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 18, 2016. 
    Marco Bello / Reuters
  • Nepalese devotees gesture to other devotees to pull during the Rato Machindranath chariot festival in Lalitpur, Nepal, on May 17, 2016. Members of Nepal’s Newar community believe celebrating this festival brings rain, good crops, and prosperity. 
    Niranjan Shrestha / AP
  • Girls practice sit-ups during gymnastics lessons at the Shanghai Yangpu Youth Amateur Athletic School in Shanghai, China, on May 4, 2016. China's sports system has been enormously successful since the country returned to the Olympic fold in 1980, culminating with the host nation topping the medals' table at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And yet, with the Rio de Janeiro Games less than three months away, the system is beginning to break down due to the shifting demographics of a more prosperous nation. Some schools have closed and others are adjusting the way they work. Some, like the Shanghai Yangpu Youth Amateur Athletic School, are going into kindergartens to advertise gymnastics as an after-school play time activity to parents. “We call it happy gymnastics,” said principal Zhu Zengxiang. 
    Aly Song / Reuters
  • Saeed Ghailan Mohammed, 60, from a community who call themselves the Muhammasheen, or the Marginalized, who fled the city of Taiz due to the ongoing civil war, stands inside his hut in a slum area of Sanaa, Yemen. They are Yemen's untouchables, a dark-skinned ethnic group that for centuries has been consigned to the bottom of Yemen's social scale, faced with discrimination and racism, and shunned by others. Vulnerable with no tribal protection, they have been hit particularly hard in Yemen's civil war. Photographed on April 25, 2016 
    Hani Mohammed / AP
  • Dead sardines blanket Tolten Beach in Temuco, Chile, on May 15, 2016. The government has declared an emergency zone along Chile's southern coast as it deals with the algae bloom known as red tide, which kills fish with a toxin that paralyzes the central nervous system. Small-scale fishermen are demanding compensation. 
    Felix Marquez / AP
  • A toddler tied to a rock in Ahmedabad, India. Barrier tape is tied around 15-month-old Shivani's ankle to prevent her from running away, while her mother Sarta Kalara works at a construction site nearby, on April 19, 2016. Kalara says she has no option but to tether her daughter Shivani to a stone despite her crying, while she and her husband work for 250 rupees (USD $3.80) each per shift, digging holes for electricity cables in the city of Ahmedabad. There are about 40 million construction workers in India, at least one in five of them women, and the majority are poor migrants who shift from site to site, building infrastructure for India's booming cities. Across the country it is not uncommon to see young children rolling in the sand and mud as their parents carry bricks, or dig for new roads or luxury houses. 
    Amit Dave / Reuters
  • George Washington University graduates Serena Williams, left, and Hannah Raymond, right, struggle against a strong wind as they pose for graduation pictures near the Washington Monument on May 15, 2016, after their commencement ceremony on the National Mall.
    Carolyn Kaster / AP

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