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레몬 껍질 사용처: various ways of using lemon peel

it would only make sense to do a follow-up about lemon peels. Here are 25 reasons that you shouldn't throw away those lemon peels:

1. Make an All-Purpose Cleaner
lemon, uses
You can use lemon peels and vinegar to make a great and natural all-purpose cleaner. Do this by filling a container with lemon peels. Add vinegar until the peels are covered and sealed with a tight-fitting lid. Put the container away and forget about it for two weeks. After two weeks, strain the lemon peels from the vinegar and add water to the lemon vinegar. This mixture will clean the greasiest and dirtiest spots around the house and you'll never have to buy an all-purpose cleaner again!

2. Skin Lightener or Brightener
lemon, uses
Lemon is a natural skin lightener because it contains citric acid which is actually a bleaching agent. Apply the leftover lemon peels to your hands, face or wherever else you would like to lighten the skin and tighten the pores.

3. Garbage Disposal Deodorizer
lemon, uses
In order to get rid of poor smells coming from the garbage disposal, toss a few lemon or orange peels down the drain. Remove the fruit before doing this because the citrus juices could come splashing back at your face!

4. Simmering Stove-Top Scents
lemon, uses
Add some lemon peels or rinds to a pot of simmering water, cloves, cinnamon sticks and orange peels for a natural deodorizer and air humidifier. 

5. Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen
lemon, uses
Scatter small slices of lemon peels around the kitchen to get rid of ants. Make sure you place them at the thresholds, windowsills, around door entrances and near any cracks where ants may be entering. Ants do not like the smell of lemon and will not enter your home. They can also be effective protection against larger insects like roaches and fleas.

6. Coffee Cup Stain Remover
lemon, uses
Have a favorite coffee cup that is stained at the bottom? Put a small section of lemon peel into a stained coffee mug and add water. Let the cup sit for several hours and then wipe it clean with a cloth. The stains should completely disappear!

7. Keep Your Refrigerator Fresh
lemon, uses
Cut a lemon in half and place in the fridge to absorb smells. This time, you should leave the fruit and peel together so that the moisture of the fruit can absorb the odor.

8. Tea Kettle / Coffee Pot Cleaner
lemon, uses
If you have mineral deposits in your tea kettle or coffee pot, fill the kettle with water and add a handful of thin lemon peel slices. Bring the water to a boil, turn off the heat and let the mixture sit for an hour. Drain the mixture and rinse well. For a coffee pot, add ice, salt, and lemon rinds to the empty pot, swish and swirl for a minute or two, then dump and rinse the mixture.

9. Microwave Cleaner
lemon, uses
If your microwave is giving off a foul smell, add lemon rinds to a microwave-safe bowl and fill the bowl with water half-way. Cook in the microwave on high for 5 minutes, allowing the water to boil and the steam to condense inside the microwave. Carefully remove the bowl and wipe away the mess in the microwave with a damp towel.

10. Chrome Polish
lemon, uses
To cut through mineral deposits on chrome faucets and other tarnished chrome, rub it with a squeezed lemon half, rinse and buff with a soft cloth. For this cleaning method, the lemon should remain with the fruit inside.

11. Copper, Brass and Stainless Steel Polish
lemon, uses
To brighten copper, brass or stainless steel, dip half of a lemon in salt and rub it on the affected area. Leave the lemon on for 5 minutes, rinse with warm water and polish dry.

12. Cutting Board Refresher
lemon, uses
If you want to refresh your cutting board, rub the surface with a lemon after washing. Let the lemon sit for a few minutes and then rinse. The antibacterial properties of the lemon will remove the germs lurking on your cutting board.

13. Brown Sugar Keeper
lemon, uses
To keep brown sugar moist and ready to use, add some lemon peel (with the pulp removed) to the brown sugar.

14. Lemon Zest
lemon, uses
Lemon zest is great to add to marinades, salads, baked goods and lots of other dishes. To zest a lemon, simply grate the peel with a zester or the smallest grater you have. You can use the zest when it's fresh, or dry it out on paper towel and store it in a jar.

15. Lemon Twists
lemon, uses
Use a vegetable peeler or a knife to cut long strips of the lemon, while removing the white pitch part of the peel that is bitter. Prepare on the spot or save them for cocktails or lemon water later in the freezer.

16. Lemon Extract Powder
mortar, lemon
Using the zest or twists above, dry them skin-side down on a plate for about 3 to 4 days. Put the dried peels into a blender or a spice grinder and pulverize them into powder. You can use this powder instead of lemon extract or zest in recipes.

17. Lemon Sugar
lemon, usesOnce you've made the lemon extract powder, you can also add it to sugar, or make fresh twists and place them in a jar of sugar to ferment and infuse the sugar.

18. Lemon Pepper
lemon, usesMix the lemon extract powered with freshly cracked pepper for an interesting taste.

19. Candied Lemon Peel
lemon, uses
Deliciously Sweet candied lemon peels can be eaten plain, dipped in chocolate or used in baked goods. The peel or twist is candied by placing it or cooking it in sugar.

20. Lemon Sugar Scrub
lemon, uses
Mix 1/2 cup granulated sugar with finely chopped lemon peel and add enough olive oil to make a paste. Wet your body in the shower, turn off the water and massage the sugar rinse all over your skin. Then rinse off with warm water and feel the softness!

21. Nail Whitener
lemon, uses
Whiten your fingernails by rubbing them with a lemon wedge.

22. Motion Sickness Cure
lemon, uses
Suck a slice of lemon to prevent you from feeling nauseous.

23. Grater Cleaners
lemon, uses
Clean out old or hard to reach spots in your grater by rubbing the pulp side of a cut lemon over the grater.

24. Fire-starters
lemon, uses
You can make natural and cheap fire-starters for those camping nights by baking discarded lemon or orange peels until they darken.

25. Trash Can Deodorizer
lemon, uses
Put a few lemon peels in the bottom of the trash can from time to time to keep your garbage from stinking up the house.

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모로코의 믿기 어려운 풍경: Unbelievable Sights to See in Morroco

When I visited Morocco I was totally shocked by the beauty of the country, but also it's unique character. The country has sensational coastlines, sandy deserts, snowy peaks, charming colorful towns, fascinating bustling bazaars, delightful wildlife and a whole load else beside. Join me as I share with you some of my favorite places in this great North African country. A few of these places I actually missed, but I realize that now I have a great reason to return. Morocco is so amazing, you can't do it all in one trip. These great pictures will inspire you to visit someday too, I hope!

1. A camel caravan in the desert
Morocco, travel
Who wouldn't want to ride a camel through these sandy deserts? Well they say it is somewhat uncomfortable, but I would still like to do it someday.

2. Cheeky goats climb an argan tree

3. Palmeraie
Morocco, travel
Morocco is full of palm trees, housing some 18,000. Wonderfully, Morocco also has a great many olive, fig, pomegranate, orange and fig trees. Just remember to bring a nice fruit basket for your pickings.

4. Mausoleum of Mohammed Fifth, Rabat
Morocco, travel
If you want to visit a place teeming with Islamic richness, then Morocco must be the safest and most civilized country to do so. The country is relatively stable, so you can see extremely old Islamic architecture like this 12th Century mausoleum. 

5. Sunset in the Sahara
Morocco, travel
The Sahara looms large in the world's consciousness as a place of desert mystery. It is said that in some 15,000 years the desert will turn green with life, due to the projected tilting of the earth's axis. Now very dry, it will one day be a damp place.

6. Atlas countryside
Morocco, travel
Most people aren't aware of the sheer variety that you can witness in Morocco. These mountainous regions in the Atlas region, close to Ifrane, show just how lush the country can actually be.

7. The Moussem of Tan-Tan
Morocco, travel
The Moussem is an annual meeting of local tribes, aimed at celebrating traditions. Here you can see a competition called the 'tbourida'. Contestants aim to demonstrate their horsemanship while performing a number of feats. 

8. Chefchaouen
Morocco, travel
Chefchauen is one of the most frequent ports of calls for tourists, though it is in fact a quite tiny place, made famous for a few things. Here you will taste some amazing goat's cheese, and also enjoy a number of terrifically blue buildings which give the town its unique character. 

9. The Dades Gorge
Morocco, travel
This scenic rocky road into the gorge is simply mesmerizing. In this location dwell many Berber people, a group of people closely identified with Morocco and seen as indigenous. 

10. Temara Beach
Morocco, travel
You can also enjoy some fabulous beaches in Morocco too. So, the question occurs: why go to Spain when you could just as easily enjoy a much greater adventure in Morocco, without foregoing any sunny beaches?

11. Driving to the mountains
Morocco, travel
If you travel by road you will pass by, and maybe towards, many mountain ranges that dominate the landscape. 

12. Fez Tanneries
Morocco, travel
For many centuries Fez has been a world leader in the tanning process which transforms skins into leather, altering the animal skin's protein structure in order to make it last. You can pay some locals to take you on a tour of the tanneries. 

13. Tagines, Marrakech
Morocco, travel
The tagine is the ceramic cookware you see here, and has been used by Berbers for generations. The pots are very useful in slow-stewing meats and veggies, giving a uniquely Moroccan flavor. 

14. The Atlas Mountains
Morocco, travel
The Atlas mountains are named after the Titan condemned to hold the sky on his shoulders, a suitably monumentous myth to go beside this awesome stretch of mountains. The range winds 1,600 miles across Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

15. Street performances 
Morocco, travel
You can enjoy all kinds of street performances in Morocco in places like Fez and Marrakech. In the latter you might catch this guimbri player, using the traditional instrument favored by the Gnawa people. Other than musicians, you can also watch storytellers, magicians and monkey shows. 

16. A sandstorm
Morocco, travel
Morocco is very susceptible to sand storms, which typically make their presence felt between February and April. However they are spectacular, and add something extra to this miniature world.

17. Aït Benhaddou
Morocco, travel
This is what the Moroccans refer to as a Kasbah, which is a cross between a castle and a walled town. Benhaddou is a UNESCO Heritage Site that you just have to see. 

18. Merzouga Dunes
Morocco, travel
These fascinating sand dunes can be seen a short way from the pleasant town of Merzouga. 

19. Fishing boats in Essaouria
Morocco, travel
Morocco does a lot of a fishing, more than any other African nation. These well-painted fishing boats serve a thriving and ancient industry. 

20. Sunset at Skhirat
Morocco, travel
Skhirat is not so far from Rabat, and it is very worth visiting to see some lovely beaches. If you have time you should definitely stick around for the sunset. It's magnificent.